More about this stormbreak

How can we have healthy relationships?

This stormbreak helps us to recognise the different feelings we can have in our relationships with others. Relationships are the connections we have with the people around us that help us to feel loved, cared for and safe. There are many different types of relationships or connections that we can have;  friendships, our family and carers, and our wider family members too. We need to develop skills to help form and sustain meaningful relationships. 

  • We can have lots of different feelings in our relationships with others
  • Feelings can make us feel good inside but sometimes we can have difficult feelings too
  • It is normal for our feelings to change in relationships

Try this next

Try to talk to your friends and family about the feelings you have and notice how others may be feeling too. Try saying “I feel (like this) when you (do that) and I would like us to be friends again and help each other.

For parents: The concept of relationships

For children to learn healthy relationships they need trusted people to connect and communicate with warmth, compassion, openness and care. Trusted adults can use playfulness and humour so that children feel accepted, safe and loved. Children need to hear that it’s ok for relationships to change, that sometimes we can fall out but relationships can be repaired.  How to help your children with relationshipsRead our blog.

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