The resilient tree

The resilient tree

When we are resilient, we keep going when things are tricky, and we don’t give up.  But it’s not easy to be resilient all the time.  When we find it hard to keep going, we can think about trees swaying in the wind.  When the wind blows, trees bend, they don’t break.  This is because of the deep roots that hold them steady and keep them anchored to the ground.

Stormbreak supports children to build a strong foundation for their emotional wellbeing, laying down firm roots to weather the storms that inevitably lie ahead.  Just like trees in a forest, this strong, healthy foundation can provide:

Strength and Stability: Roots anchor a tree, providing stability and support.  Having a solid grounding allows us to remain steadfast in the face of adversity.

Adaptability: Roots grow and adapt to the surrounding environment, seeking nutrients and water even in harsh conditions. Resilience involves adapting to change, finding ways to thrive despite difficult circumstances. Like roots adjusting to different soil types, resilient people can adapt to various situations.

Survival and Growth: Despite facing obstacles such as rocks or concrete, roots often find ways to grow around or through them, showing resilience and perseverance. When we are resilient, we can overcome obstacles and keep going, even when things are difficult.

Connection: Tree roots often form intricate networks, supporting and nourishing not just one tree, but a whole ecosystem. Similarly, resilience often involves building and relying on supportive networks of friends, family, or community to overcome challenges.

Resilience in diversity: Trees with deeper, more extensive root systems tend to withstand storms and droughts better. Similarly, diverse experiences and skills can contribute to our resilience, allowing us to navigate a broader range of challenges.

Try this stormbreak, Nature’s Trees, to help develop your child’s skills of resilience, helping them to endure, adapt, and grow through life's difficulties.

-Kate Bone

Director of coaching at stormbreak