How to take part in the stormbreak schools challenge

What is the stormbreak school challenge?

Watch and take part - choose from our library of 'stormbreaks' and participate in our mentally healthy movement activities.

See your group or class progress, collect virtual badges and printable certificates after every 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 completed stormbreaks (you can complete as many stormbreaks as you like but you can only log one per day).

Complete the challenge by taking part in for 25 days worth of stormbreaks.

Then you'll be ready to start again!

1 stormbreak every school day = 5 weeks! How long will it take your group?


Getting started...

  1. Create a stormbreak account for your school using a school email address and a password that can be shared with other school staff
  2. Create a group (these can be set up for teachers, classes and or pastoral groups etc) by adding a group name (for example Mr Walsh's class, Owls, 2KB), number of children within the group, and Year Group (please note that '0' should be used for EYFS/Reception)
  3. Repeat step 2 to create as many other groups in your school as you like
  4. Share your account details with other teachers/group leaders within your school so they can join in too!


Taking part...

  1. Log on and select which group is watching
  2. Choose a stormbreak to do based on what you'd like to support your children with, how they feel, what you'd like them to focus on
  3. Hit play, watch and take part in a fun 5-15 minute session where one of our stormbreak coaches/teachers will get your group moving and talking/thinking about their mental health
  4. Trusted adults (teachers, pastoral care workers) should join in with the stormbreak and try to engage in mentally healthy conversation based on the content of the stormbreak
  5. Click 'My stormbreak' to see your groups progress. Every 5 days of stormbreaks  completed will earn your group a virtual badge and allow you to print a group certificate. Progress from yellow all the way through to the rainbow award! 

You can also:

* Watch expert video's on the mental health concepts of resilience, self-care, relationships, self-worth and hope & optimism
* Watch animations explaining the mental health concepts in a child-friendly manner

Embed mentally healthy movement every day for every child. Want to be more involved...

If you are keen for your school to be more involved and be able to deliver your own stormbreaks and really engage in mentally healthy movement and conversation email us at to talk some more about our whole school development programme - 'surge'. Click here for more info.


* All stormbreak participation should be supervised by the teacher/pastoral worker, trusted adult, parent, carer/guardian as account holder.