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"As a young carer, when someone we love is unwell, it can be hard to stay strong. Building our skills of resilience helps us to develop an inner strength, to be brave and to keep going, even when things feel tough. We develop an ability to ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations and to adapt in the face of challenges."

It’s ok to feel wobbly.

It’s ok to start again.





"As a young carer, if we feel different to others, if we’re finding things difficult or if we don’t feel like we really know ourselves very well, then our self-worth can suffer. Self-worth is all about the way we think and feel about ourselves. None of us are perfect, but as young carers, we do so much for others, and that’s amazing. We should feel proud of ourselves, and show ourselves the same kindness that we show others."

It’s ok to be different.

It’s ok not to have all the answers.




hope and optimism

"As a young carer, if our loved ones are poorly, or if we’re overwhelmed with responsibilities, we might feel sad, stressed or worried, and that’s ok. But it’s important to remember that life is full of highs and lows. Just because we care for others, doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to follow our own dreams and desires. In fact, thinking positively about the future and concentrating on our own goals can help us to cope emotionally during difficult times."

It's ok to have a down day.

It’s ok to dream.





"As a young carer, relationships can be tricky, especially when we’re busy and when it’s hard to make time for friends.  It’s important to understand that relationships can change and break down, but can also be repaired. If we can recognise our own feelings, then we can communicate these to others, and we can also start to recognise the way that other people might be feeling too."

It’s ok to disagree sometimes.

It’s ok to tell others how we feel.





"As a young carer, it can be hard to find time for ourselves when we’re providing support for others, but we can’t do a good job of looking after someone else if we’re not feeling well ourselves. That’s why it’s so important that we develop the self-care strategies that work for us, and build time into our daily routines for these. It’s about noticing how we’re feeling, and responding to those emotions instead of just ignoring them."

It's ok to put ourselves first sometimes.

It’s ok to ask for help.