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How can we feel good about ourselves?

Self-care is making choices to look after ourselves in different ways, to care for our mental and physical health. We can have lots of feelings and these can be difficult or uncomfortable, or happy and energised, and it is important that we notice these and then choose ways to take care of ourselves.

We can all have difficult feelings such as anger, frustration or disappointment. Sometimes we need to notice and take care of these feelings so that we can use them to create our inner strength and courage.

  • All of our feelings are normal and will change.
  • It can feel scary and difficult when we can’t control our feelings.
  • We can make choices to help us feel relaxed.

Try this next

Draw or use paints to create an image or symbol of your inner courage or strength. Think about the colour, texture and if there are any patterns

For parents: The concept of self-care

For children to develop self-care they need adults who value their own self-care and can support children to take care and to begin to look after themselves. By noticing, validating and using language to name and describe feelings to children, they can begin to regulate and then to make choices to calm their bodies down or to energise themselves. Children need to hear it’s ok to put ourselves first, it’s ok to have a range of different feelings and to be able to ask for help. How to help your children with self-care. Read our blog.

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