More about this stormbreak

How can we develop resilience?

This stormbreak helps us balance and become aware of our feelings. Relationships are the connections we have with the people around us that help us to feel loved, cared for and safe . There are many different types of relationships or connections that we can have;  friendships, our family and carers, and our wider family members too. We need to develop relationship skills to help form and sustain meaningful relationships.

  • Relationships are about caring for each other and the environment we live in
  • Being able to depend on others is important in relationships
  • We can have lots of different feelings and that is ok

Try this next

Draw a tree and write the name of someone special on the trunk and then the names of three or four other people who are important to you on the branches.

For parents: The concept of resilience

For children to develop resilience they need adults who can encourage and empower them through their actions and by the words they say. By showing and communicating belief in children they can develop perseverance and resilience to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals. How to help your children with resilience. Read our blog.

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