The impact of stormbreak at Ryders Hayes school

“Stormbreak has made a huge impact in our school, children have really engaged with it and it has now become part of their weekly routine”

- Marcos Rylance, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Leader at Ryders Hayes Primary, Pelsall, West Midlands

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How do you go from Surge to 100 stormbreaks in just three months? Stormbreak advocate Marcos Rylance shares his thoughts with us.

Stormbreak is a mental health charity that supports primary aged children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health through movement.  Stormbreak offers a preventative, universal approach through movement to support children’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Stormbreak activities are based around five key mental health concepts: resilience, self care, relationships, self worth and hope and optimism. Stormbreak aims to reduce the stigma around mental health by equipping children with language and skills that allow them to recognise, respond and regulate their feelings from as early as Reception (four years of age). 

Ryders Hayes started their Stormbreak journey in April 2022, Stormbreak trained 5 advocates in school to deliver Stormbreak. Ryders Hayes has been delivering Stormbreaks to Reception, Year 3, 5 classes and small focus groups. Ryders Hayes has planned for a full school launch in September, where all staff will receive training during the first day back.

Ryders Hayes senior leaders have fully supported the programme and the results so far are amazing, children are physically seeing the change in their friendship groups and their own outlook on things. Children’s resilience has improved and children are not afraid to bounce back from difficult situations. Stormbreak is helping children at Ryders Hayes to return to ‘normal’ after the last 2 very difficult years for children and their families.

Children at Ryders Hayes have said:

"I like stormbreak because it's helping me concentrate in class" Year 4 Pupil

"Stormbreak has helped me because my relationships have been better with my friends. I like it because I also get to understand my friends" (Year 4)

Teaching staff at Ryders Hayes have said:

“the children seem to show more self-regulation and improved behaviour!” (Year 4 Class Teacher)

Senior Leaders at Ryders Hayes have said:

“Stormbreak is an added tool in our teacher toolkit to address day to day challenges in classes and also provide a programme of support to meet the pastoral needs of our pupils.’’(Assistant Head Teacher)


We’re really proud that our school has hit its first 100 Stormbreaks, this is just the beginning here at Ryders Hayes and we are very excited to fully launch across the school in September. It is great to see the impact it is having on our children and their mental health when the last 2 years have been tough for children and their families. We are excited to extend Stormbreak to everyone else in September”. (Marcos Rylance)

We are delighted to see the way Ryders Hayes staff and pupils have embraced Surge and stormbreak into their daily school life. Do you have a success story to share? Please email to share your journey. 


Ryders Hayes 100