Welcome to our special Stormbreak feature Blogs on our Mental Health concepts. This Blog is about the Concept of Hope and Optimism and helps us to celebrate life now and in the future.

Having the ability to be hopeful can help us to have ideas, aspirations and a sense that we can look forward to the future as well as be able to smile, laugh and enjoy the moments we have. We recognise that we do have uncomfortable feelings that are sad or disappointed or are difficult for us, and that is ok too. When we can be hopeful, we know that our feelings can and do change and that we can help to shift our more difficult feelings so that we can look forward and can overcome some of the difficulties we might face. When we have others around us who we trust we can feel more hopeful and supported.

Watch our special animation all about Hope and Optimism. This animation helps us to understand why being hopeful and having a positive mindset helps us to feel good and keeps us mentally and physically well.

Hope and optimism animation

So why is Hope and Optimism so important and what is it all about?

Hope and Optimism :
Helps us to see that things can change and we can believe in our potential now and in the future.

  • Having ideas, goals, aspirations, hopes and wishes for a positive future
  • Recognising that we can help shift our mood and uncomfortable feelings
  • Being excited about challenges and tolerating frustration
  • Working towards goals, believing in ourselves and reaching for our potential

Our Stormbreak mental health lead, Clare Williams talks about Hope and Optimism, helping us to understand this concept more fully.

What is hope and optimism


We have special stormbreaks that can help us with Hope and Optimism.

Try this stormbreak Mood shift with Kate and Darryl. It helps us to recognise that things change and that our feelings can also change and there will be new opportunities ahead.

Mood shift
Mood shift · Kate and Darryl · hope and Optimism

Helping our children with Hope and Optimism

We want children to believe in themselves, to be able to aspire to their hopes, dreams and goals and to have the courage, confidence and skills to help them along the way. By having a sense of hope and optimism we can help children to be open to new opportunities and positive change. We aim to help children to:

  • Recognise how they are feeling and know that we can help shift and change our feelings.
  • Be hopeful and excited about things in the future as well as in the present.
  • Know that the present moment can be adapted and changed.
  • Have ideas, dreams, hopes and goals to work towards, to challenge them and to achieve.

We can help our children by:

  • believing in them and encouraging them to reach for their dreams and goals.
  • modelling a positive mindset and showing how we can overcome barriers, frustrations and take small steps forward.
  • by conveying belief in them in being able to be who they are and who they want to be.
  • encouraging them to learn from mistakes and that it is ok to make them.
  • encouraging them to take risks, to have a go at something out of their comfort zone.
  • empowering them to be excited about the future.

Join Clare, our Stormbreak mental health lead, in thinking about how we can help our children with the concept of Hope and Optimism.

Helping with hope and optimism

Try this stormbreak Moon and Stars with Kate. This stormbreak helps us to visualise things in a positive way and to feel hopeful. hope and optimism helps us to see that things can change and there will be new opportunities ahead. We can develop a positive outlook on life and a belief that we have the potential to thrive now and in the future.

Moon and stars
Moon and Stars · Kate · hope and optimism

Try another stormbreak, this time with Mrs Dorrill. This one is called Move to the Seasons

It helps us to see that things can change and there will be new opportunities ahead. We can develop a positive outlook on life and a belief that we have the potential to thrive now and in the future.

Move to the seasons
Move to the Seasons · Mrs Dorrill · hope and optimism

Have a look at other stormbreaks that focus on Hope and Optimism. Which is your favourite one and how might it help you to lift your mood, or set yourself a goal or a challenge? Can you notice how you feel? Maybe energised, determined, hopeful or excited.

We hope you can feel inspired to reach for your goals to look forward to things in the future but also to enjoy things in the present too. Think about what you would like to aim for and what might be possible if you believe in yourself.