Mentally healthy movement with Stormbreak at Christmas

It’s the time of year for creating memories and sharing joy with our friends and families and those we care about. Celebrating Christmas is about the connections we have, the fun, the laughter, the giving, sharing and kindness that enables us to feel special, to feel cared about and that helps us to feel the warmth of belonging.

Christmas can also be a time of reflection and recognition of more difficult feelings too, of losses, worries and anxieties in the complex world we live in. It can be a time of hope, about the here and now and the future, and with the support, love and care of each other we can create moments of magic in the connectedness and opportunities for ‘together experiences’.

We know that sharing special time with mentally healthy movement can create joyful moments of fun, laughter and connection.

Stormbreak enables us to have fun, whilst listening, talking and understanding the feelings of each other and offers a safe space to recognise, name and share our feelings whilst joining together in movement.

Creating a language around our feelings is at the heart of stormbreak and as trusted adults, we can help children to feel heard and valued especially during Christmas time.

Have a stormbreak Christmas


Here are five ways that stormbreak can help at Christmas

Strengthen Resilience
Resilience is created through our relationships with our most trusted adults encouraging, supporting and creating opportunities for children to be listened to and to feel heard. Being able to talk about their feelings, their worries and experiences, the barriers they face and to feel supported, enables them to be able to ‘bounce back’, and to gain the inner strength to thrive.

Christmas brings its challenges as well as its rewards and as trusted adults, we can model, encourage and empower our children to take the steps they can to achieve their goals and reach towards their own stars.

Have a go at this stormbreak together to strengthen and highlight resilience.

Christmas cross country
Christmas cross country · Kate · resilience


Celebrate Relationships
The joy of belonging, of sharing, of kindness and warmth, is the beauty of relationship and wrapped up in Christmas, is the magic of connection.

Relationships can be tricky as they can change or spill into difficult and painful feelings and so our children need the language to express how they feel, to feel heard and acknowledged and to be able to listen to others with empathy to reconnect and repair.

The joy of connection helps us to feel secure, loved and cared for and is at the heart of our wellbeing.

Celebrate relationships together with this stormbreak.

Christmas trees
Christmas trees · Kate · relationships


Value Self-care
Actively taking care of ourselves by noticing how we are feeling and valuing our need to feel energised, calm, regulated or empowered, is central to our wellbeing both emotionally and physically.

Being out in nature this Christmastime, noticing our environment, taking time for ourselves or being involved in activities which invigorate or regulate us allows us to find inner balance and to enjoy all aspects of the festive season.

Our Christmas stormbreak the magic hat highlights our need for self-care.

The magic hat
The magic hat · Kate · self-care


Believe in Self-worth
Believing in ourselves and knowing we matter is at the heart of our wellbeing. We gain this sense of inner belief through the love and care of our most trusted adults as a reflection within ourselves, which becomes the core of who we believe we are and who we can become.

Create and celebrate those beliefs and show through love and care the value and worth of each other this Christmastime. Share time and fun and stormbreak with confidence in you.

Christmas compliments
Christmas compliments · Kate · self-worth


Create Hope and Optimism
Creating opportunities to dream, to be hopeful, and by being open to new opportunities is part of the magic of Christmas. Being able to accept and embrace change enables us to thrive in the here and now and in the future and helps us to develop aspiration and goals.

Christmas can be a reflective time of what has been, but also one of change and hope for the magic of what is to come. By celebrating this in our conversations and by acknowledging each other’s experiences, we can create new pathways ahead.

Enjoy this stormbreak as it highlights our hope and optimism.

Christmas moon and stars
Moon and stars · Kate · hope and optimism