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How can we be hopeful and optimistic?

Hope and Optimism helps us to see that things can change and there will be new opportunities ahead. We can develop a positive outlook on life and a belief that we have the potential to thrive now and in the future. 

  • Having hopes and dreams and being able to take steps towards our goals
  • Helps us to shift our feelings to become hopeful, excited or energised
  • Helps us to embrace change without fear and to tolerate frustration and disappointmentem

Try this next

Talk to a family member about something they found hard. Ask them what helped them and how they managed to solve the problem or cope with the situation.

For parents: The concept of hope and optimism

For children to develop Hope and Optimism they need adults who convey genuine optimism and encouragement. Adults who inspire them to have a belief in themselves and who empower them to achieve their dreams. Children need to know that it is ok to learn from our mistakes, to be out of our comfort zone and to be excited about the future.  How to help your children with hope & optimismRead our blog.

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